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Product Quality

1. Technical professional base of college
Through the introduction of professional technology and the cooperative development of breeding bases, our company uses the high-quality variety resources of Yangling Academy of Agricultural Sciences to cultivate and develop high-quality varieties.

2. High survival rate of root seedlings
Using the latest tissue culture rapid propagation technology, original high-tech CNC germination equipment and scientific planting management technology, the survival rate is as high as 95%.

3. Short-term growth cycle has annual returns
The application of professional rapid propagation technology in colleges and universities has the effect of shortening the growth cycle and increasing the yield compared with the wild, and harvesting seeds and products every year to create benefits.

4. Technically come to the field directly
Professional skills come to inspect the soil quality, guide land preparation, and teach planting management techniques. Plan land use and actual planting management methods according to local conditions.

Cooperation Method

1. Long-term technical service
All growers will be trained one-on-one by the company's technical staff and have long-term technical tracking services. They can also send technicians to visit the planting environment, check the soil quality, guide the land rectification, and guide the planting to ensure the survival rate. Large-scale growers can send technicians for long-term guidance, and design the best planting plan according to the growers' conditions, to ensure a stable and successful career.

2.you plant my sales
Our company has stable customer orders and sales team since its operation. At present, the supply of goods in the Chinese medicine market is scarce, so our company adopts the policy of "direct supply of seedlings, contract-oriented acquisition" to ensure the supply of goods. Where we buy TCM seedlings and seeds from our base company, we will guide you on planting technology for free. The planting area is large. You can guide planting on site to ensure survival rate. You can also sign a planting purchase agreement with you! The medicinal materials you planted have their own sales and can be sold by themselves, without sales channels, the company purchases at a guaranteed price! Willing to sell the finished products to our company's cooperative growers, we are happy to cooperate with you for a long-term and win-win!