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Chinese herbal medicine + poverty alleviation, 3 prescriptions to help get rid of poverty!


Recently, the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office, the State Ministry of Agriculture and the State Drug Administration and other departments jointly issued the "Chinese herbal medicine industry Poverty Alleviation Action Plan (2017-2020 years)," and proposed "to improve the quality, increasing the income poverty" It is the core poverty alleviation plan for the Chinese herbal medicine industry. Strive to give full play to the advantages of the Chinese herbal medicine industry, and gather multiple forces to promote targeted poverty alleviation and targeted poverty alleviation.


Recently, more and more township government personnel have come to our hospital to look for ways to alleviate poverty of Chinese medicinal materials. Xiaoke has concluded three points of Chinese medicinal materials for poverty alleviation.

1. With the help of enterprises to "give the people to fish"

Since it is difficult for the Chinese medicinal materials industry developed by farmers in poor areas to enter the market, industrial poverty alleviation must be supported and driven by leading enterprises. Through the way of the company adding farmers or cooperatives, the leading enterprises will provide seedlings, agricultural materials, infrastructure construction, technology demonstration and training, and use the subsidy funds of the poverty alleviation office for each farmer under supervision. Through the agreement, after the industrialized poverty alleviation reaches a production stage, the poverty alleviation funds and the corresponding profits will be distributed to the farmers, and the seed settlement plus the guaranteed purchase model can also be used to drive and guarantee the farmers' income.




Improve the cultivation level and the quality of medicinal materials. The medicinal materials that used to sell for a few dollars can now sell for dozens of dollars! With a scientific, standardized and standardized planting system, one acre of land can charge a lot of money.

With the help of enterprises, farmers can produce with peace of mind with technical support and financial support. While stimulating employment, they can give a village and a product a strong place to solve the problem of poverty and backwardness and improve the economic level of local people.

2. The government takes the lead in finding sales

For rural areas where information is blocked and technology is backward, it is unrealistic to produce and sell Chinese medicinal herbs. Therefore, it is particularly important to be able to rely on the government to take advantage of poverty alleviation to get a wealthy car with Chinese medicinal herbs.

For the government, Chinese medicine as a poverty alleviation project is the best of all world. There are three main things:

First, the green and healthy characteristics of Chinese medicinal materials are in line with the major theme of industrial structure adjustment in various regions.

The second is that China's traditional Chinese medicinal materials are widely distributed and adaptable, and are suitable for different regions to "make local conditions" to exert their regional characteristics.

The third is the cultivation of Chinese medicinal materials, which is conducive to deep integration with the local tourism, health care and pharmaceutical industries and other industrial chains, and is a better local collaborative regional economic model.


3, the media helps out of poverty

The media has the function of dissemination. It is necessary to dig deep into rural resources, be a good salesman, build bridges and links, spread the stories of Chinese medicinal materials, and help the development of Chinese medicinal materials.

For example, the poverty alleviation charity project of "Happy Warm" in Hunan's "Happy Camp" is to use media resources to tell village stories through entertainment programs and help people in poor areas.