Inherit the traditional culture of Chinese medicine and build a unique brand of Chinese herbal medicine


Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Promoting the Inheritance and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Promoting the Inheritance and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine

(October 20, 2019)

Traditional Chinese medicine is a great creation of the Chinese nation, a treasure of ancient Chinese science, and a key to unlocking the treasure trove of Chinese civilization. It has made tremendous contributions to the prosperity of the Chinese nation and has had a positive impact on the progress of world civilization. The party and the government attach great importance to the work of traditional Chinese medicine. Especially since the 18th National Congress of the Party, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core has placed the work of traditional Chinese medicine in a more prominent position, and achieved remarkable results in the reform and development of traditional Chinese medicine. At the same time, we must also see that the policy of equal emphasis on Chinese and Western medicine still needs to be fully implemented. The governance system that follows the rules of Chinese medicine needs to be improved. The development foundation and talent development of Chinese medicine are still relatively weak. The quality of traditional Chinese medicines is uneven. If it is not fully utilized, it is urgent to implement the Chinese Medicine Law in depth, take effective measures to solve the above problems, and effectively inherit, develop and utilize the precious wealth left to us by the ancestor of Chinese Medicine.

Inheriting and innovating the development of Chinese medicine is an important part of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and a major event for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The original advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, the promotion of innovative breakthroughs in China's life sciences, the promotion of China's excellent traditional culture, the enhancement of national self-confidence and cultural self-confidence, the promotion of mutual learning between civilizations and people's hearts, and the construction of a community of shared destiny are of great significance. In order to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, earnestly practice the important exposition of General Secretary Jin Ping on the work of traditional Chinese medicine and promote the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine.

1. Improve the Chinese medicine service system

(1) Strengthen the construction of Chinese medicine service institutions. Give full play to the advantages of TCM overall medicine and health medicine, build a national TCM medical center, regional TCM medical center as the leader, all levels of various types of TCM medical institutions and other medical institutions TCM departments as the backbone, grassroots medical and health institutions as the basis, integrate preventive health care , Chinese medicine service system integrating disease treatment and rehabilitation, providing Chinese medicine services covering the whole people and the whole life cycle. Follow the rules of TCM development, standardize the setting of TCM hospital departments, revise TCM hospital setting and construction standards, improve the evaluation and performance appraisal system, strengthen the hospital model and service functions that focus on TCM services, and establish and modernize the characteristics of TCM Hospital management system. Vigorously develop Chinese medicine clinics, outpatient departments and specialty hospitals, and encourage chain operations. The registered business scope of an enterprise that provides TCM health care services uses the "Chinese medicine health care services (non-medical)" standard expression. By 2022, the county-level TCM medical institutions will be basically covered, and all community health service centers and township health centers will be equipped with TCM pavilions and equipped with TCM physicians.

(2) Build a solid foundation of traditional Chinese medicine service positions. Expanding the number of rural order-oriented free training of medical students specializing in Chinese medicine, actively recruiting Chinese medicine doctors in the special position plan of general practitioners, encouraging the implementation of "county management of rural areas" for Chinese medicine personnel, encouraging retired Chinese medicine doctors to provide services at the grassroots level, and relaxing long-term services The promotion conditions for the basic titles of TCM physicians. Improve Chinese medicine knowledge and skills training mechanism for general practitioners and rural doctors. Support TCM hospitals to take the lead in forming a medical consortium. Chinese medicine hospitals at all levels should strengthen the guidance of grassroots Chinese medicine services.

(3) Support the construction of the service system with informatization. Implement the "Internet + Chinese Medicine Health Service" action, establish a basic database focusing on Chinese medical electronic medical records, electronic prescriptions, etc., encourage the development of Internet Chinese medicine hospitals based on medical institutions, develop Chinese medicine intelligent auxiliary diagnosis and treatment systems, and promote the development of online and offline integrated services And telemedicine services. Rely on existing resources to build national and provincial TCM data centers. Accelerate the establishment of a national comprehensive statistical system of Chinese medicine. Improve the comprehensive supervision information system of traditional Chinese medicine, and comprehensively use random inspection, spot monitoring, illegal and dishonest punishment and other means to achieve accurate and efficient supervision.

2. Give play to the unique role of traditional Chinese medicine in maintaining and promoting people's health

(4) Highlight the advantages of Chinese medicine in the treatment of diseases. Strengthen the specialty construction of traditional Chinese medicine, optimizing and strengthening bone injuries, anorectal, pediatrics, dermatology, gynecology, acupuncture, massage, cardio-cerebrovascular disease, nephropathy, peripheral vascular disease and other specialty diseases, timely summarize and form a diagnosis and treatment plan, and consolidate and expand advantages To drive the development of characteristics. Accelerate the construction of evidence-based medicine center of traditional Chinese medicine. In about 3 years, 50 superior Chinese medicine treatments, 100 suitable technologies and 100 unique traditional Chinese medicine varieties will be screened and released to the society in time. Focus on cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, infectious diseases, Alzheimer's disease and antibiotic resistance, etc., carry out collaborative research on Chinese and Western medicine, and form and promote about 50 integrated diagnosis and treatment plans for Chinese and Western medicine by 2022. Establish a consultation system for Chinese and Western medicine in general hospitals and specialized hospitals, and integrate Chinese medicine into a multidisciplinary consultation system. Establish an effective mechanism to better give play to the role of traditional Chinese medicine in the prevention and treatment of emerging emergencies such as influenza and emergency response to public health events.

(5) Strengthen the role of traditional Chinese medicine in disease prevention. Combining with the implementation of Healthy China Action, promote the upgrading of Chinese medicine treatment of healthy diseases. In the national basic public health service project, enrich the content of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, encourage family doctors to provide contracted services for traditional Chinese medicine treatment, and by 2022, promote 20 traditional Chinese medicine treatment intervention programs among key people and patients with chronic diseases. Vigorously popularize the knowledge of TCM health care and health care methods such as Taijiquan and Health Qigong (such as Baduanjin), and promote healthy work and lifestyle that reflect the concept of TCM treatment of disease-free.

(6) Improve the rehabilitation ability of Chinese medicine. Promote the integration of Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese sports and modern rehabilitation technology, and develop rehabilitation medicine with Chinese characteristics. Implementation of the project to enhance the capacity of Chinese medicine rehabilitation services. Relying on existing resources to deploy a batch of Chinese medicine rehabilitation centers, strengthen the construction of the rehabilitation department of Chinese medicine hospitals, and promote Chinese medicine rehabilitation technology in other hospitals. Aiming at chronic diseases and disabilities such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, etc., formulate and promote a batch of Chinese medicine rehabilitation programs, and promote the development of a batch of Chinese medicine rehabilitation equipment. Vigorously carry out training to promote Chinese medicine rehabilitation technology into communities, families, and institutions.

3. Vigorously promote the improvement of Chinese medicine quality and the development of high-quality industries

(7) Strengthen the quality control of Chinese medicinal materials. Strengthen the environmental protection of the real estate area of Chinese medicinal materials, revise the quality management standards of Chinese medicinal materials, and promote the ecological cultivation, wild tending and bionic cultivation of Chinese medicinal materials. Strengthen the protection of rare and endangered wild medicinal plants and animals, and support the research, development and utilization of rare and endangered Chinese herbal medicine substitutes. Strict use and management of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, plant growth regulators, etc., and improve the standards for pesticide residues and heavy metals in traditional Chinese medicine by region and by variety. Formulate management methods for seeds and seedlings of Chinese medicinal materials. Plan the construction of authentic medicinal materials base, guide the resource elements to gather in the real estate area, and promote large-scale and standardized cultivation. Explore and formulate incentive policies for the implementation of Chinese medicine production quality management standards. Advocate Chinese medicine enterprises to build a stable production base of Chinese herbal medicines by themselves or in the form of orders, and evaluate a batch of national and provincial-level authentic medicinal materials breeding and ecological planting bases. Improve the third-party quality inspection system of Chinese herbal medicines. Strengthen the supervision of the Chinese herbal medicine trading market. Deeply implement the poverty alleviation actions of the Chinese herbal medicine industry. By 2022, a standard system and grade evaluation system for the production of authentic medicinal materials will be basically established.

(8) Promote the improvement of the quality of Chinese herbal medicines and proprietary Chinese medicines. Accelerate the revision of the Chinese Medicine Standards (Part 1) of the "Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China". The State Council's Drug Administration and the competent Chinese medicine authorities shall organize experts to undertake relevant work and establish the most stringent standards. Improve the standard system of Chinese herbal medicines and formulate and implement the national standard for processing Chinese herbal medicines. Improve the market competition environment and promote high quality and competitive prices of Chinese herbal medicine pieces. Strengthen the quality control of Chinese patent medicine, promote the application of modern information technology in the production of Chinese medicine, and improve the level of intelligent manufacturing. Explore the establishment of a clinical value-oriented evaluation path, comprehensively use evidence-based medicine and other methods, increase the post-marketing evaluation of Chinese patent medicines, establish linkage mechanisms with public hospital drug procurement, essential drug selection, and medical insurance catalog adjustments to promote industrial upgrading And structural adjustment.

(9) Reform and perfect the registration management of traditional Chinese medicine. Establish and improve Chinese medicine safety and efficacy evaluation methods and technical standards that meet the characteristics of Chinese medicine. Timely improve the registration and classification of traditional Chinese medicine, formulate management regulations for the review and approval of traditional Chinese medicine, and implement a priority review and approval system based on clinical value. Accelerate the construction of a Chinese medicine registration review evidence system that combines Chinese medicine theory, human experience and clinical trials, and optimize the technical requirements for the review of new Chinese medicines with human experience based on ancient classics, famous old Chinese medicines, and medical institution preparations. Accelerate the approval of new Chinese medicines. Encourage the use of new technologies and new processes, as well as new dosage forms that reflect the advantages of clinical applications to improve the varieties of listed Chinese medicines, and optimize the technical requirements for the changes of listed Chinese medicines. Optimize and standardize the management of Chinese medicine preparation filing in medical institutions. The competent department of traditional Chinese medicine under the State Council and the department of drug supervision and management shall take the lead in organizing the formulation of key information review opinions on the prescriptions contained in the catalog of ancient classic famous prescriptions.

(10) Strengthen the supervision of the quality and safety of traditional Chinese medicine. Taking the supervision of Chinese medicine decoction pieces as the starting point, extending upstream and downstream, implementing the main responsibility of Chinese medicine production enterprises, establishing a multi-department collaborative supervision mechanism, exploring the establishment of a traceability system for the entire process of production, circulation and use of Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese medicine decoction pieces, and Chinese patent medicines, which takes about 5 years , Gradually realize that the sources of key varieties of traditional Chinese medicine can be checked, where they can be traced, and their responsibilities can be investigated. Strengthen the quality supervision and rational use of Chinese patent medicines, strengthen the sampling inspection of listed products in the market, and severely crack down on the illegal addition of chemicals by Chinese patent medicines. Strengthen the monitoring of adverse reactions of traditional Chinese medicine injections. Promote the construction of the integrity system of traditional Chinese medicine enterprises, include it in the national credit information sharing platform and the national enterprise credit information publicity system, and increase joint punishment for breach of trust. Improve the legal system for the supervision of quality and safety of traditional Chinese medicine, and increase the accountability for counterfeiting and inferior behaviors.

4. Strengthen the construction of Chinese medicine talents

(11) Reform the talent training model. Strengthen the cultivation of Chinese medicine thinking, reform the education of Chinese medicine colleges, adjust and optimize the professional structure of disciplines, strengthen the status of the subject of traditional Chinese medicine, increase the proportion of classic courses of traditional Chinese medicine, carry out the examination of grades of classical Chinese medicine ability, establish an early follow-up teacher, early clinical learning system . Increase investment in the joint construction of Chinese medicine schools by provinces, departments and bureaus. The Chinese medicine course will be included in the compulsory courses for clinical medicine majors to improve the clinical knowledge and skills of doctors in clinical categories. Improve the standardized training model for TCM physicians. Reform and improve the education of integrated Chinese and Western medicine, and train high-level talents of integrated Chinese and Western medicine. Encourage Western medicine to study Chinese medicine, and allow clinical doctors to provide Chinese medicine services after passing the assessment and participate in the evaluation and appointment of professional titles of integrated Chinese and Western medicine. Professionals of integrated Chinese and Western medicine are allowed to participate in the standardized training of general practitioners in clinical categories.

(12) Optimize the way of talent growth. Through the construction of disciplines, major scientific research platforms and the implementation of major projects, we have cultivated a group of high-level Chinese medicine clinical talents and multidisciplinary cross-disciplinary innovative leading talents of Chinese medicine, and supported the formation of a group of high-level innovation teams. Support Chinese medicine colleges and universities to jointly train high-level compound Chinese medicine talents. Establish an apprenticeship system for senior Chinese medicine doctors, which is linked to the evaluation of professional titles and the evaluation of merits. Formulate measures for the administration of traditional Chinese medicine education. Heirs of teacher education recognized by the competent department of Chinese medicine under the State Council and those who meet the requirements may apply for a degree in Chinese medicine with the same academic ability. Vigorously cultivate talents with technical skills such as Chinese herbal medicine planting, Chinese herbal medicine processing, and Chinese medicine health services. We will improve the assessment methods for personnel with special expertise, increase the training of TCM (specialty) physicians, support TCM hospitals to set up TCM (specialty) physician positions, and promote the inheritance and development of folk-specific technical therapies.

(13) Improve the talent evaluation and incentive mechanism. Implement the requirements that allow medical and health institutions to break through the current wage adjustment level of public institutions, allow medical service income to deduct costs, and use the funds to withdraw funds according to regulations, which are mainly used for personnel rewards, and improve the salary system of public TCM medical institutions. Reform and improve the system of evaluation and appointment of professional titles of traditional Chinese medicine, focus on business capabilities and work performance, and overcome the tendencies of academic qualifications, qualifications, and thesis. The National Major Talent Project and the selection of academicians have increased their support for Chinese medicine talents, and a separate Chinese medicine group has been established in the Ministry of Medicine and Hygiene of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Study and establish a Chinese medicine talent recognition and reward system, strengthen the national traditional Chinese medicine inheritance and innovation recognition, establish a long-term mechanism for Chinese medicine industry recognition, and focus on the discovery and promotion of young and middle-aged talents and inheritors The selection of various commendations and awards is inclined to the grassroots and hard areas.

5. Promote the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine and the development of open innovation

(14) Excavate and inherit the essence of the treasure house of traditional Chinese medicine. Strengthen the research and utilization of classics, compile Chinese medical collections, formulate a list of classics, techniques and prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine, establish a national digital library of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional knowledge, study and formulate regulations on the protection of traditional Chinese medicine. Accelerate the promotion of living inheritance, improve the academic inheritance system, strengthen the inheritance of famous traditional Chinese medicine experience and traditional skills of old pharmacists, and realize digital and image recording. Collect and screen private Chinese medicine prescriptions, secret recipes and techniques, and establish cooperative development and benefit-sharing mechanisms. Promote the development of Chinese medicine museums, implement Chinese medicine culture dissemination actions, and implement Chinese medicine culture throughout national education. Elementary and middle schools further enrich Chinese medicine culture education, making Chinese medicine a cultural consciousness for people to promote health.

(15) Accelerate the promotion of scientific research and innovation in traditional Chinese medicine. Focusing on national strategic needs and major scientific issues of traditional Chinese medicine, a multi-disciplinary research platform is established. Construct national key laboratories in key areas of traditional Chinese medicine, and establish a number of national clinical medical research centers, national engineering research centers, and technology innovation centers. Under the framework of the central financial science and technology plan (special items, funds, etc.), research and establish national TCM research and development special projects, key technical equipment major special projects and international major scientific plans, deepen basic theory, diagnosis and treatment rules, mechanism of action research and interpretation, carry out major prevention , Refractory, rare diseases and new sudden infectious diseases and other clinical research, speed up the research on the creation of new Chinese medicines, and develop a batch of advanced Chinese medicine equipment and Chinese medicine pharmaceutical equipment. Support and encourage children's innovative research and development of Chinese patent medicines. Study and implement technological innovation projects. Support collaborative innovation of enterprises, medical institutions, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, etc., lay out an innovation chain with an industrial chain and a service chain, and improve the integrated innovation model of production, education and research of traditional Chinese medicine Strengthen the protection and application of intellectual property rights in the Chinese medicine industry. Improve the management system that grants greater autonomy to Chinese medicine research institutions and personnel, and establish a guarantee mechanism for the rights and interests of intellectual property rights and scientific and technological achievements transformation. Reform and improve the scientific research organization, acceptance and evaluation system of traditional Chinese medicine to avoid simply applying relevant scientific research evaluation methods. Highlight the characteristics and development needs of traditional Chinese medicine, and establish a scientific and technological planning and management mechanism for Chinese medicine that is coordinated by the competent scientific and technological authorities and the competent Chinese medicine authorities.

(16) Promote the open development of Chinese medicine. Incorporate traditional Chinese medicine into the important content of building a community with a shared future for mankind and international cooperation in the “Belt and Road”, and implement special projects on international cooperation in traditional Chinese medicine. Promote the formulation of international standards for traditional Chinese medicine and actively participate in the formulation of relevant rules of international traditional medicine. Promote the overseas spread of Chinese medicine culture. Vigorously develop Chinese medicine service trade. Encourage social forces to build a batch of high-quality overseas centers of Chinese medicine, international cooperation bases and service export bases. Research and promote the existing Chinese medicine trading platform to steadily carry out international transactions. To build a highland of Chinese medicine in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Chinese medicine in Taiwan, and promote cross-strait integration of Chinese medicine.

Sixth, reform and improve the management system of traditional Chinese medicine

(17) Improve Chinese medicine prices and medical insurance policies. Guided by clinical value, focusing on superior services and characteristic services of traditional Chinese medicine, increase policy support and improve the price formation mechanism of medical services. Focus on TCM when adjusting medical service prices.