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Recruitment Contact

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Address: Yanta District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province Electronic Second Road 72A

Quality Manager

3000-4000 yuan / month
Education: College
Experience: 1-3 years
Number of recruits: 4
Basic requirements: age and gender
Work location: Xi'an

Job Responsibilities:
1. Collect the quality information and standards of Chinese herbal medicines and primary processing of Chinese medicines, accurately and timely transmit and feedback, and analyze and process various quality information collected and processed
2. Responsible for the confirmation of non-conforming products, and supervise the handling process of non-conforming products.

Job Requirements:
Should have a pharmacy secondary school or medical, biological, chemistry and other related professional college degree or above, or have a pharmacy professional title or above.

Chinese herbal medicine sales

5000-6000 yuan / month
Education: College
Experience: 5-10 years
Number of recruits: 4
Basic requirements: age and gender
Work location: Xi'an

Job Responsibilities:
1. Form of communication or business trip, for the sales of raw materials of Chinese medicinal materials required by domestic decoction factories and Chinese patent medicine plants; Development and maintenance, mainly involving all regions of the country;
2 Screen customers in the company system database and improve customer information, follow-up of orders and after-sales service;
3. Completing the corresponding sales indicators and related affairs formulated by the company;
4. Contract signing, performance, business negotiation, etc .;
5. Regularly make work summary and report to company management personnel;
6. Those with driving license and skilled driving experience are better;
7. Those who have done purchases in pharmaceutical factories and decoction factories are preferred.

Job Requirements:
1. Those with knowledge of Chinese medicinal materials are preferred
2. Those with industry experience are preferred
3. Have good sales and communication skills
4. Those who love the Chinese herbal medicine industry are preferred
5. Need a positive work attitude and perseverance
6. Possess good computer office skills (including proficiency in office software)
7. Possess a college degree or above

Chinese medicine planting technician

4000-5000 yuan / month
Education: Bachelor
Experience: 1-3 years
Number of recruits: 3
Basic requirements: age and gender
Work location: Xi'an

1. Responsible for the planning of Chinese herbal medicine planting base, planting plan formulation, cultivation technology research;
2. Responsible for the cultivation technology management of Chinese medicinal materials in the cultivation base;
3. Responsible for formulating the operation rules and technical specifications of Chinese herbal medicine planting, and solving various technical problems during the planting process;
4. Responsible for the implementation of the training plan for the planting base;
5. Responsible for screening new planting varieties and technical feasibility studies, providing the basis for the company to establish projects;
6. Responsible for the cultivation of plant varieties, continuously improve the output and quality, and continuously improve the production efficiency.

Job requirements:
1. Have more than two years of practical experience in the cultivation and management of Chinese medicinal materials; make correct judgments and deal with the actual problems in planting production;
2. Have good professional ethics and teamwork spirit, good interpersonal relationship handling ability;
3. Have a certain professional quality and work passion, strong adaptability, and can withstand greater work pressure.