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Planning Principles

1. Adhere to the combination of government guidance and market orientation. Facing both domestic and international markets, government macro-controls are implemented to guide farmers and enterprises to take the path of independent management and development, and to strengthen people's livelihood in the process of continuously improving the Chinese herbal medicine industry with regional characteristics and advantages.

2. Adhere to the combination of resource utilization and protection. According to local conditions, fully exploit the advantages of resources, pursue the optimal allocation of Chinese herbal medicine industry elements and natural resources and environmental conditions, focus on characteristic products, optimize industrial structure and regional layout, and rationally use and protect water and land resources.

3. Adhere to the combination of base construction and industrialization. Focusing on the main line of promoting science and education, respecting knowledge, respecting talents, protecting intellectual property rights, continuously improving the scientific and technological content of the Chinese medicinal materials industry, implementing independent innovation combined with the introduction of digestion and absorption.

4. Persist in combining foundation first and development later. Use 10 years to build a 150,000-mu Chinese herbal medicine planting demonstration base, build the base first to two years ago, focus on establishing and improving the service system, establish and improve the cultivation planting base, properly control the construction scale, and gradually expand the planting scale from the third year To ensure the completion of planning tasks.


Planning Ideas

This plan is based on the working ideas of "science and technology, improving production and quality, expanding scale, extending chains, and building brands", and the right to build "one center, three capabilities, and six systems". Cultivate and improve the development level of Chinese medicinal materials.

One center: the establishment of a research and development center for Chinese medicinal materials, the establishment of a variety resource research room, a product development research room, a parallel punching welding research room, and a cultivation technology research room. TCM conducts innovative research on related technologies of TCM variety resources, product processing, pest control, cultivation technology and other related technologies, and is responsible for quality inspection and monitoring, providing technical support for the development of TCM industry.

Three major functions: technology support capability, base scale capability, and leading capability.

Six major systems: two breeding systems, standardized production systems, marketing systems, deep processing systems, technology support systems, and brand publicity systems.



According to the real-time progress of the plan, it is expected that by 2025, the area of our company's Chinese herbal medicine planting demonstration base will exceed 150,000 mu, and the number of Chinese herbal medicine extraction and deep-processing enterprises will increase to more than 10. 100 million yuan.

The Research Center of Chinese Medicinal Materials Technology will promote the research and development achievements of Chinese herbal medicines, so that the practical application of Chinese herbal medicines will be further developed, bringing a wireless prospect to the promotion, processing and sales of Chinese herbal medicines. By 2025, the Chinese herbal medicine industry alone will bring great economic benefits to farmers, and it will become the first industry to double the local economy. At the same time, it will also bring a good development prospect to the Chinese herbal medicine industry in the whole province and even the whole country. . The "Shuangfeng" Chinese herbal medicine brand will go abroad, step into the world, and become a world-renowned brand.