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Radix Scutellariae


hinese pharmacopoeia:Radix Scutellariae

Pinyin:Huánɡ Qín


Alias:Tea root, scutellaria baicalensis root, earthy gold tea root

This product is the dried root of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi. Spring, autumn two seasons of digging, remove fibrous roots and sediment, after the sun to hit the rough skin, sun dry.

This product is conical, twisted, 8 ~ 25cm long, 1 ~ 3cm in diameter. The surface is brown-yellow or deep yellow, with sparse verrucous fine root scars, the upper part is rough, with twisted longitudinal wrinkles or irregular mesh, the lower part has smooth lines and fine wrinkles. Hard and brittle, easy to break, yellow section, middle reddish brown; The center of the old root is decayed or hollow, dark brown or brownish black. The breath is faint and the taste bitter.

Habitat sub-division:
Born in grassland, high - grained slopes. Distributed in heilongjiang, jilin, liaoning, hebei, henan, shandong, sichuan, yunnan, shanxi, shaanxi, gansu, Inner Mongolia and other places.


(1) yellow powder. Bast fibers are scattered individually or in bundles of several. They are spindle shaped, 60 ~ 250 meters long and 9 ~ 33 meters in diameter. They have thick walls and thin holes. Stone cells are round, square, or oblong, with thick or very thick walls. Cork cells are brown-yellow and polygonal. Reticulated catheter is common, with a diameter of 24 ~ 72 meters. Wood fiber is fragmented, about 12 feet in diameter, with sparse twill holes. Starch grains are very many, single grains are spherical, diameter is 2 ~ 10 meters, umbilical point is obvious, compound grains are composed of 2 ~ 3 fractions.

(2) take 1g of the powder, add 20ml methanol, ultrasonic treatment for 20 minutes, filtration, filtrate evaporation, residue add 1ml methanol to dissolve, as the test solution. In addition, 1g of scutellariae scutellariae control drug was taken and prepared into control drug solution by the same method. Then the baicalin control was taken and methanol was added to make a solution containing 1mg per 1ml as the control solution. As thin layer chromatography (appendix Ⅵ B) test, from the above three kinds of solution 5 mu l, each point in the same containing 4% of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose sodium acetate solution as adhesive of silica G thin layer plate, ethyl acetate, butanone - formic acid and water (5:3:1:1) as developing agent, balance for 30 minutes, and taken out, dry spray with ferric chloride 1% ethanol solution. In the chromatogram of the sample, the same color spots were found in the corresponding positions of the chromatogram of the control drug. The same dark green blotches appear at the corresponding positions in the chromatogram of the control substance.


Scutellaria baicalensis tablets: remove impurities, boil in boiling water for 10 minutes, take out, stuffy, cut thin slices, dry; Or steam for half an hour, remove, cut into thin slices, dry (care to avoid exposure). This product is a kind of round or irregular thin sheet with yellowish brown to tan appearance, yellowish brown or yellowish green cut surface, with radial texture. The same results shall be shown in accordance with the above tests under [identification] (1) and (2); The content of baicalin (C21H18O11) shall not be less than 8.0% as determined by the above method.

Wine radix scutellariae: radix scutellariae, wine as main method (appendix Ⅱ D) dry. This product is a kind of round or irregular thin slice, the outer skin is brown, the cut surface is yellowish brown, showing a radial texture, slightly burnt spot, some of the central part is brown. The baicalin content shall not be less than 8.0% as determined by the above method.

Sexual flavour:
Bitter, cold.
Return to the lung, gallbladder, spleen, large intestine, small intestine.

Function and function:

Clear heat dry wet, xie huo detoxification, hemostasis, and fetal safety. Used for dampness and heat, chest nausea, dampness and heat, diarrhea, jaundice, lung fever, cough, high heat, pain and thirst, blood heat, pain, carbuncle, fetal restlessness.

Usage and dosage: 3 ~ 9g.

Place ventilated and dry, moistureproof.

It can be used in combination with talc, cardamom and poria cocos.
Hot and humid diarrhea, abdominal pain, and often used with white peony root, radix puerariae, licorice root;
To wet heat accumulate the icteric that the knot is caused by, can with cotton wormwood Chen, gardenia, light bamboo leaf is equivalent to use;
To treat high fever, often with huanglian, shanzhi and other compatibility; Cure lung heat cough, and can be equivalent to anemone, mulberry white skin;
To treat blood fever, can be used with raw land, red bark, side cypress leaf equivalent; To heat poison sore choice, can with the medicine such as honeysuckle, forsythia. For fetal restlessness, often used in conjunction with atractylodes atractylodes, bamboo shavings, etc.