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Fructus Forsythiae

This product is oval to oval, slightly flat, 1.5 ~ 2.5cm long, 0.5 ~ 1.3cm in diameter. The surface has the irregular longitudinal wrinkle and the majority raised small spot, each side has 1 obvious longitudinal groove. Apex acute, base with small fruiting pedicels or deciduous...

Chinese pharmacopoeia:Fructus Forsythiae

Pinyin:Lián Qiáo


Alias:Even shell, yellow flower strip, yellow chain flower, yellow qidan, qingqiao, qiqiao

This is the dry fruit of the Forsythia suspensa (Thunb.) Vahl of the myrtle family. Autumn fruits when the first ripening with green harvest, remove impurities, steamed, dried, xi called "qingqiao"; When the fruit is ripe, it is picked, dried, and the impurities removed.

This product is oval to oval, slightly flat, 1.5 ~ 2.5cm long, 0.5 ~ 1.3cm in diameter. The surface has the irregular longitudinal wrinkle and the majority raised small spot, each side has 1 obvious longitudinal groove. Apex acute, base with small fruiting stems or glabrescent. Qingqiao more not crack, the surface of green brown, raised small gray white spots less, hard; Seeds numerous, yellow-green, slender, with wings on one side. Laoqiao from the top of the crack or split into two, the surface of yellowish brown or reddish brown, the inner surface is mostly light yellowish brown, smooth, with a mediastinum; Very brittle; Seeds brown, mostly glabrescent. It smells sweet and bitter.

Habitat sub-division:
More than tufted in the mountains between the barren slope, all over the cultivation. Distribution in liaoning, hebei, henan, shandong, jiangsu, hubei, jiangxi, yunnan, shanxi, shaanxi, gansu and other places. Mainly produced in shanxi, henan, shaanxi, shandong. In addition, hubei, hebei, sichuan, gansu also produced.


(1) cross section of the peel of this product: the exocarp is a row of flat cells with thickened outer and lateral walls and cuticle. Vascular bundles were scattered in parenchyma of mesocarp; Mesocarp inside is a series of stone cells, oblong, circular or oblong, the wall thickness is different, more tangential arranged into Mosaic, and extends to the longitudinal next door; Endocarp is a line of parenchyma cells.

(2) apply the powder 1 g, and chloroform 30 ml, heating reflux for 1 hour, filtration, abandon to filtrate, liquid and dry, add 40 ml of methanol, heat flow for 1 hour, filtration, the filtrate to concentrate about 1 ml, add in polyamide column (14 ~ 30 mu, 3 g, 1-1.2 cm inner diameter, water 50 ml prewash), 50 ml water elution, abandon to liquid water, 100 ml with ethanol elution, collect the eluent, dry, residual water 30 ml to dissolve, filtration, the filtrate separatory funnel, 2 were extracted with ethyl acetate, every time 20 ml, the extracted liquid, dry, The residue was dissolved by adding 1ml methanol as a test solution. In addition, 1g of forsythia was taken as the control material, and the solution of the control material was prepared by the same method. As thin layer chromatography (appendix Ⅵ B) test, each 2 mu l learned these two solution, each point in the same containing 5% solution of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose sodium dihydrogen phosphate as the binder of silica G thin layer plate, with benzene - acetone - methanol - water - acetic acid ethyl ester (20:25:30:3-3) as an agent of a cylinder in saturated 30 minutes, and taken out, dried, can be examined under a uv lamp (365 nm). In the chromatogram of the test product, the fluorescent spots of the same color were found in the corresponding positions of the chromatogram of the control drug. Spray vanillin sulfuric acid test solution and heat it until the spots show clear color. In the chromatogram of the test product, spots of the same color can be seen in the corresponding position of the chromatogram of the control drug.

Sexual taste: bitter, slightly cold.

Meridian: to the lung, heart, small intestine.

Function: attending clearing heat and detoxification, detumescence. Used for ulcer, Luo will hapen, breast carbuncle, erysipelas, wind hot cold, warm disease early, warm to the camp, high heat polydipsia, god faint hair spot, hot shower anuresis.

Usage and dosage: 6 ~ 15g.

Storage: store in a dry place.


(1) forsythia cold taste bitter, light qing floating, can be treated on the jiao zhu heat, especially to remove the carbuncle and loose knot, so for the home to medicine.

(2) this product with honeysuckle, mint, nepeta, licorice root, the wind and heat; Mixed with black ginseng, ophiopogon japonicus, green lotus heart, bamboo leaf roll heart, then clear the heart and heat release; Match with honeysuckle, dandelion, purple flower root, red peony root and so on, then jiedu consumption carbuncle; With ginseng, summer grass, fritillary fritillary, and so on, will be scrofula.

(3) honeysuckle and forsythia have good heat-clearing and detoxification effects, which can not only diathermy to the surface, but also qingli heat, antiseptic, so the two drugs are often used together in clinical practice. But honeysuckle still can cool blood stop dysentery; Forsythia can also clear the heart heat, the knot disappear scrofula.

(4) in the past use of drugs, this product is divided into two types: forsythia shell and forsythia heart. Forsythia shell is the fruit, and forsythia heart is the seed. It is generally believed that forsythia heart has a good function of clearing the heart. Now Shanghai area has been simplified, only one kind of forsythia, no longer divided into two drugs.